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Josh Butler & Company, Inc.
(330) 506-6400
2163 Lee Road #103
Cleveland Heights, Ohio USA
Since 1983, Josh Butler & Company has worked to locate missing heirs, beneficiaries, oil and land owners, lost artists, authors, correspondents, collectors, litigants, licensees, witnesses to history and many, many other missing, lost, displaced and wandering persons.

We will search for one individual or perform an entire family genealogy for purposes of notification, beneficiary distribution or intestate succession.

Our Philosophy:
Our work is to locate lost and unknown heirs and beneficiaries, and to work on their behalf to obtain all that is rightfully theirs.

We will work diligently, confident that our competence is second to none, our persistence unparalleled and our integrity above question.

We will in all matters follow the law, treat all persons fairly, and at all times Do What is Right.

Our Company values the contribution of every member of our staff. We recognize our responsibility, financial and otherwise, to our staff and to the community.

In adhering to these simple principles, we believe that our Company will prosper and permanently succeed.

General Guidelines we have set for our company:
We do not work on competitive cases....where so-called heir finders are tracing heirs to an estate that is only hours or days old and where, with a little time and minimal effort the heirs would be found by the estate's personal representative in due course. We expect the personal representative to make an effort to find heirs before we become involved. A look at the decedent's address book, a visit with neighbors or a perusal of the funeral home visitors' book are among the steps that might be taken before involving any research firm.

Advice to anyone who is approached (usually in person) by someone claiming to have information about your entitlement to an estate: If they are in a hurry for you to sign a contract, then you know that this is probably a "competitive" estate and that, in time, you will be found by the personal representative or a research firm retained or authorized by the estate.

Personal Searches:
We do not search for missing friends, old classmates, lost dogs or kids. We do not do genealogies for family history purposes. We don't trace deadbeat dads or debtors. We trace heirs and other persons entitled to valuable assets. That is our only work, always has been, always will be.

Finding Lost Fortunes:
We don’t. As a practical matter, we always start with money and then find the people to whom it belongs. We do not start out with the people, and then try to find money that would belong to them.